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Equipment price list

   Day 1       Day 2-6      Day 7-

-Single Sea Kayak from SeaBird (Quality

HPDE-polyeten or fiberglass, includes spraydeck,

paddle and life jacket)          

          55€            45€             30€


-Double Sea Kayak (Fiberglass with rudder,

includes  spraydeck, paddle and buoyancy aid) 

       75€            50€              40€


-Safety bag - includes compass, bildge pump,

first aid, one per group included with kayak rental


      0€ included

-Two or three person tent, price/night

      30€            25€               20€

-Sleeping bag, price/night

     15€             10€               10€

-Outdoor kitchen (for gas or petrol, including

burner and kettle system)


     10€              6€                4€

-Outdoor kitchen gas 450g




-Otdoor kitchen petrol 1L



-Water transportation bags


       5€         3€           3€


-Maps or charts (damaged or lost maps must

be paid for), price according with area size)

      Ask for price


-Dry bags, set of three (M, L, XL)

        5€              3€            2€


-Kayak trailer (for a maximum of 10 kayaks)

        Ask for price


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