Organized open tours & activities

Here you find organized open tours and activities we will offer in the upcoming next month



Björkboda träsk kajaktur

Come and explore the nice nature of Björkboda träsk, an easy afternoon tour with guide. Fits for all levels of kayakers.

Time +-3hours  Price: 60€/person, with own kayak 30€/person


Kalkholms dagen prova på kajak

Come and try kayaking on a short guided tour in stunning Västanfjärd. Fits for beginners. Time +- 1,5hours. Price 25€/person


Kayak handling/Kajak hanterings kurs

Learn the basic skills in kayak handling, like how to help a friend who is in the water and how to get back into a kayak after been falling in the water etc. Time +- 3hours. Level; fits all

Price: 70€/person


Climbing basics, bas kurs i klippklättring

Learn the basics in rock climbing, like how to put up toprope, rappel, and secure. Time +- 4hours. Fits all who like to learn the basics in rock climbing. Price 70€/pers


Övernattnings tur i Hitis skärgård

Come and experience the most beautiful archipelago in the world. This tour fits these who has been kayaking little bit before and can make 15-20km day tours. Time 2 days. Price 150€/pers with own kayak 110€/pers