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Terms & Conditions


Your registration is booked, when we receive payment for the registration. Until this, other earlier and later registrations paid in time will take priority over unpaid registrations. 



The participant must always check with Nordic Activities, that possible health issues, skill restrictions or physical condition do not interfere with participating in the activity. This way Nordic Activities is also able to alter the activity if possible, to ensure a nice and safe time for everyone. 


The Finnish legislation does not allow a company to hold an insurance towards accidents or injuries to the participants or the participants belongings. Please ensure that you hold a travel insurance or alike that covers activities like kayaking, climbing or other activities what you take part in. 



 Kayaking equipment is rented out only to persons that have the required technical and safety skills to paddle in an dynamic environment. These skills include kayak rescues, understanding of weather and cold water, kayak handling techniques and basic navigation skills. If you are unsure about your skills, please ask before renting - we are happy to offer you a basic kayak safety course before letting you out on your own. The customer is responsible for any damages to the equipment during the rental period, and will be charged for repairs and replacements should such occour. The equipment should be cleaned before returned.




A cancellation made by the participant gives the right to the following returns from the part of the payment, which has not caused Nordic Activities irrevocable fees:


• more than 30 days before the start of the activity: 70% return

• more than 15 days before the start of the activity: 35% return

• less than 7 days before the start of the activity: no return


Because of the administrative work in connection with bookings, an administrative fee of 25€ is not returnable upon cancellation.


If the participant choses to leave the activity earlier than planned, this does not entitle to a return.





In situations like dangerous weathers, injuries to the guide or other force majeure situations, Nordic Activity does the utmost to alter the activity in a way making it possible to still do the activity on another place, with another guide or alike. However, in extreme cases, Aavameri could be obliged to cancel an event with short warning. In this case, Aavameri offers another similar activity to the customer without a new charge, or if this does not work for the customer, makes a money return for the activity.

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