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We deliver kayaks to most parts of the Finnish Archipelago Sea, but mainly we are concentrated on the area around Kimito Island (Kimitoön). For group tours with a guide, equipment rent and transportation of equipment and kayakers are usually included in the price. Please note that we do not give out kayaking equipment for rent without a sea kayaking guide, if the group does not have necessary sea kayaking and sea kayaking rescue skills.


Transporation from or to our base in Björkboda, Kimitoön 
(price for one way, either delivery, end of trip or both)


-On Kimitoön 1,5€/km, calculated from our base in Björkboda, Kimitoön. (If nothing else is agreeded)

-Förby, Karuna, Hitis/Rosala 60€

-Pargas, Turku and other 2-4 hrs transportations from or to Björkboda 100€ 


 -Empty Kayak trailer rental(trailer for max. 10 kayaks)See "Equipment price list"

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